Juanicó - Environmental Consultants Ltd.
Process design - since 1994

Profile of the firm

In Israel, more than 75% of the municipal effluents of the country are reused in agriculture irrigation and many factories perform recycling of their industrial effluents at high percentages. With decades of experience in the massive reuse of effluents, Israel is a leader country on water technologies and pollution control.

Dr. Marcelo Juanicó

We are a small international consulting firm specialized on process design, conceptual engineering, master planning, feasibility and pre-feasibility studies.

Our know-how comes from a warm country.

The integration of modern engineering tools with ecological and conservation concepts allows us to design advanced solutions well adapted to the local conditions of each project:

We do not compete with civil and sanitary engineering consulting firms. On the contrary, these firms constitute most of our clients.

Fields of work:

Special Services:

  •   process redesign based on existing installations  
  •   optimization of existing processes
  •   reduction of energy consumption
  •   reduction of CO2 emissions
Potential work frames:

We know Latin America well and can communicate with the client and local personnel directly in Spanish and Portuguese.

We are independent consultants: we neither sell nor represent any equipment or product.

The more money you invest in design the less money the project costs.

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