International Online Services

We offer consulting services around the world.

Of course we can travel to the site of your project.

But, as a versatile firm, we can also make use of the most suitable communication technology to provide online consulting services at low cost: Furthermore, we are open to international cooperation on different bases: sub-contracting, partnership, joint venture, etc.

Online consulting
In many cases, what is required is not a "study", but specific information on a specific point.
In other cases, a local consultant may perform part of the study, and the international consultant is required only to solve some specific aspects on which he/she is an specialist.
In some other cases, the problem refers to a small factory or a small municipality that can afford to bring an international consultant; small problems generally have simpler solutions which can be solved online.

In the above quoted situations, bringing an international consultant till the site of the problem is an unjustified expense.

Even if the consultant travels to the site of the project, a lot of information interchange is needed before and after the travel.
We have all the means to do that.