Consulting services we offer
  • Process design
  • Conceptual engineering
  • Israel know-how
In foreign countries, we usually act as sub-contractors of local consultancy firms or international firms.

  •   process redesign based on existing installations  
  •   optimization of existing processes
  •   reduction of energy consumption
  •   reduction of CO2 emissions

  We combine:
  •   Applied experience
  •   R&D experience
  •   Specialization in process design
  •   A sophisticated information system  

Sewage treatment and disposal

Wastewater storage and reuse (irrigation and other)

Industrial and agricultural effluents and wastes

Brines, RO reject, desalination concentrate, brackish effluents, ZLD

Applied limnology and oceanography - rivers - lakes/reservoirs - sea

Regulations: existing and development of new environmental regulations and policy

Environmental Insurance - Environmental Auditing - Investment Sustainability - Environmental policy

Monitoring - exploratory surveys - multivariate analysis of large matrixes

Information - advanced search of enviro information

R&D - Research and Development - CleanTech Startups